Exceeding the Bankroll Limits: Is It Worth the Results?

“Not to lose more money than planned” – recently, the Massachusetts regulators offered such an opportunity to American gamblers to secure them from excessive financial losses. This system has already been approved by the State Gaming Commission. It allows the player to determine the amount of possible loss on one’s own. A similar scheme is used in all licensed online casinos or at non UK licensed gambling sites and casinos, which is called Green Gaming. Its essence lies in self-limiting the number of deposits and bets for the following periods:

  • Daily limits;
  • Weekly limits;
  • Monthly limits.

The gambling commission suggests using this scheme in offline casinos. This limit will be set on the player’s cards and controlled by the administration of the gambling house. As for today, in the majority of online casinos around the world, there are no such limits, so the players should control their spending themselves. What to do if there is a temptation to exceed the limit?


Exceeding the Bankroll Limits

It is common for many poker players to quickly drain their bankroll. Even the best players can sometimes exceed their bankroll on bets and lose their monthly results in just 1-2 bad sessions. These tips will secure you from losing all your money:

  1. Since your bankroll is a limited amount, it must be large enough to function as unlimited. Follow the rule to use no more than 5% of the total amount during the session. If you want to protect yourself from loses, then reduce this amount to 1-2%.
  2. By constantly checking your bankroll, it is very easy to fall into the trap of the so-called “micro-management.” When you are winning, checking the bankroll feels great. But as soon as one loss happens, the amount will drop dramatically. If you still check the account, this “drop” can seriously upset you.
  3. If you play for real money, then every session and every decision will make a difference. Even the smallest mistakes will cost you money. The more money you lose on mistakes, the more difficult it will be for you to generate profit and not go broke.
  4. Be attentive to your human needs. Any person requires constant maintenance and care to stay healthy. If you are not healthy and feeling bad, you will not be able to perform your best game, so there will be a risk of exceeding your bankroll.

If you follow all these rules and play a profitable game, then your probability of going broke will be reduced. But be careful: breaking one rule can lead to breaking the other one. Remember, you can always gamble tomorrow, but if you drain your entire bankroll, that “tomorrow” will never come. Good luck!

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