Exceeding the Bankroll Limits: Is It Worth the Results?

“Not to lose more money than planned” – recently, the Massachusetts regulators offered such an opportunity to American gamblers to secure them from excessive financial losses. This system has already been approved by the State Gaming Commission. It allows the player to determine the amount of possible loss on one’s own. A similar scheme is used in all licensed online casinos or at non UK licensed gambling sites and casinos, which is called Green Gaming. Its essence lies in self-limiting the number of deposits and bets for the following periods:

What Factors Impede Winning at Online Casinos?

Many newbies who try to win easy money on slot machines often end up with nothing because they make the same mistakes. Today, we have collected top-3 most common mistakes that prevent you from hitting the jackpot or big win. Take your time to read them in detail and share your own observations with us. Let’s start!