What Factors Impede Winning at Online Casinos?

Many newbies who try to win easy money on slot machines often end up with nothing because they make the same mistakes. Today, we have collected top-3 most common mistakes that prevent you from hitting the jackpot or big win. Take your time to read them in detail and share your own observations with us. Let’s start!


Wrong Choice of the Online Casino

When choosing a virtual gambling platform, the average user is often guided by several criteria:

  •  The first page of search results in Google;
  •  Memorable viral advertising on the Internet;
  •  The attractive design of the online casino website;
  •  Generous bonuses at the gambling establishment.

However, bright design and viral advertising do not guarantee that the site does not cheat visitors and pays all the money earned. So, we recommend using the authoritative ratings of the most reliable casinos to make the right choice. Besides, visit forums dedicated to online gambling, find a discussion about the site you like, and check the user reviews.


Lack of Understanding the Rules

Each online game has its own rules. For example, in American roulette, the Basket Bet covers only 5 numbers, which reduces the probability of winning to 7.9{8c8668b497b5cb9de4b536517139a24a648786159bbc1e6fa8a1f3162b1b0551}, so the experienced gamblers prefer the European option. In the French version, when a zero falls out, the bet is returned to the player. 

Blackjack, poker and other gambling games, including slot machines, also have their own nuances. Knowing the rules will reduce the number of stupid losses. Besides, many online casinos publish gambling rules on their websites for the convenience of customers.


Wrong Choice of the Game

Slot machines are traditionally considered the most popular entertainment in online casinos. If a player comes to an online casino hoping to win, they should consider:

  • Developer’s brand. A reputable development company will not release low-quality games with bugs and crashes.
  • RTP level. Different machines have a different percentage of returns to players (Return to Player, RTP) programmed. The optimal RTP rate is 95–97{8c8668b497b5cb9de4b536517139a24a648786159bbc1e6fa8a1f3162b1b0551}.
  • The presence or absence of a jackpot.
  • Popularity and the winning cycle length. The probability of hitting a jackpot often depends on the popularity of the slot. The more players use it, the faster it goes through the winning cycle, and the more users win.
  • Bonus rounds. Bonus games increase your chances of winning.

Finally, the last mistake is an excessive passion for gambling. Online casinos shouldn’t become an obsession. It is better to perceive gambling as one of the many hobbies or entertainments. Visitors who are obsessed with real money bets quickly lose their bankrolls, after which they become addicted to gambling. Excessive passion for online casinos makes it difficult to think clearly, analyze the situation and win.

How do you think, what factors impede real chances of winning at the casino? Share your ideas with us in the comments.

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