Why Are UK Players Increasingly Choosing Casinos without Verification

To answer this question, we should understand that two types of casinos do not require verification. The first one is legal platforms that get their clients’ information from a third party, such as a bank or payment system. The second variety is gambling and betting sites without ID verification. However, players can join any reputable online casino with no GamStop restrictions, where they can register and fund their account without any further checks or restrictions.

How Do Legal Casinos Manage to Work Without Verification

When you open an account in a bank or payment system, you provide them with your accurate and exhaustive private data. After you sign up for a gambling platform, you just link your bank or payment system account to it and it gets all the necessary information. The process of linking is exceptionally safe. The casino will not get access to your funds unless you carry out a transaction consciously and deliberately. You will not need to share your private information with strangers and the risk of leaks will be reduced to a minimum. Plus, you can start gambling immediately after the registration!

Such an approach has two meaningful drawbacks. First, this trend is just taking off. Most casinos that offer such a scheme are registered in Germany and Finland. They are accessible only to those clients who have bank accounts in these countries. Second, you cannot use alternative payment methods. Most gambling projects of this type are compatible only with Trustly and do not give their clients the freedom of choice.

What Do Unlicensed Casinos Offer

On such sites, newbies need to register as usual. They should indicate their username, password, phone number, email, postal address and maybe other data. But then, they will not need to verify their personalities by submitting to the administration copies of their personal documents. This is a very negative sign for the following reasons.

  • All licensed casinos ask their clients to pass the verification according to KYC standards. If a platform features no verification, it has no license and does not obey any authority. No one controls it, no one audits it. You cannot be sure whether it will pay your winnings.
  • Legal projects ask their customers to pass additional verification when they hit a big win. They do so to prevent money laundering and other types of frauds. If a casino does without verification, you might not be able to win a large prize there at all.
  • Dubious platforms without verification guarantee no confidentiality. When you share your phone number, address and bank card number with them, you can never know how they will use this information. What if they sell it to third parties?

Finally, if you get a prize from such a casino, your government might classify it as illegal income.

Why Do People Trust Unlicensed Casinos?

After gamblers self-exclude in GamStop, they might not be able to sign up for any random online casino. They should look for a platform that will allow them to register. Unlicensed casinos without verification welcome anyone. But that might lead to more losses than you can expect.

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